Carnival GTI Karaoke

Win A Volkswagen GTI Driver’s Edition


  1. The game is played onsite at The AIA Great European Carnival.
  1. Guests wishing to take part in Carnival GTI Karaoke queue at the gate during the Carnival GTI Karaoke game operation hours.  Before entering, guests complete registration. Registration will enable two things:
    (a) a link to the video of your group’s karaoke to be emailed; and,
    (b) the guest to opt in if they wish to be part of the competition.
  1. Only one guest per group should register.
  1. Once registration is completed the guests enter the Volkswagen GTI Driver’s Edition, and select the song they wish to sing.  Thirty seconds of the song will be played to which the guests can sing while they are recorded.
  1. Videos are emailed to the registered individual. Please share and hashtag#CarnivalGTIKaraoke on social media.
  1. Those guests that have agreed to enter the competition will be reviewed by a panel of judges from Billboard Radio China, Volkswagen Hong Kong and The Great European Carnival.  The criteria for judging will be entertainment. Those videos that are agreed to be the most entertaining will be selected for the shortlist.
  1. The 5 best videos will be shared on the AIA Great European Carnival Facebook page. The people of HK will vote for their winner.

Terms and Conditions 

  1. There is no charge to play Carnival GTI Karaoke.
  1. To register a participant from each group must answer the following questions:
    (a) Name
    (b) Email
    (c) Age Group:
    (i) 4-18
    (ii) 18-25
    (iii) 25-40
    (iv) Above 40
    (d) Do you have a driver’s license? Yes/No
    (e) Do you own a car? No/VW/Other
    (f) Do you wish to participate in the competition to win a Volkswagen GTI Driver’s Edition? Yes/No
  1. All AIA Carnival guests are welcome to play the Carnival GTI Karaoke game, but those who enter in the competition must be Hong Kong Permanent Residents.
  1. AIA Carnival guests can enter as many times as they wish.
  1. Carnival GTI Karaoke will be judged by representatives from Billboard Radio China, Volkswagen Hong Kong, and The Great European Carnival. The judges will decide which videos provide the highest entertainment value.
  1. The 5 videos judged to be the most entertaining will be placed on the AIA Great European Carnival Facebook page and the public will vote for the performance that they think is the most entertaining.
  1. Finalists will be online after 1 February, 2017.
  1. Public Voting will be from February 1 – 10, 2017 (cut off at 11:59pm of 10 February, 2017)
  1. The winner will be the video with the most number of likes.
  1. The winner will be announced at The AIA Great European Carnival on Sunday 12 February, 2017.
  1. The brand-new Volkswagen GTI Driver’s Edition displayed and used for the game on-site will be the exact vehicle which will be used for give away for the winner.
  1. By entering into the competition, the participants allow the AIA Great European Carnival and Volkswagen Hong Kong to apply and edit the videos shared for promotional purpose.
  1. The Volkswagen GTI Driver’s Edition given out cannot be used for exchange for cash or return to Volkswagen in exchange for another vehicle.
  1. The organizer will contact the winner to arrange the registration of the vehicle under his or her name. If the winner cannot be contacted within 1 month after the announcement of the winner. The ownership of the car will be rest with the organiser of the AIA Great European Carnival.
  1. If the winner is aged below 18, the ownership of the winning vehicle will be rest with the authorized guardian of the winner.
  1. The winner will bear the registration and administration cost of transferring the ownership of the vehicle to the winner. Volkswagen will bear the FRT cost.
  1. The organizers reserve the right to change any terms and conditions of the competition and to cancel the competition without further notice.
  1. The organizers reserve the right to take away the chance of participating in the competition should any participant do anything offensive at the event.
  1. The AIA Great European Carnival and Volkswagen Hong Kong will keep a copy of your video (if you opted in to the competition) for judging.
  1. By playing the Carnival GTI Karaoke and entering the competition, participants agree to the privacy policy of Volkswagen Hong Kong Limited (
  1. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity of the terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.