One Millionth Visitor to Be Celebrated as the Carnival Comes to a Close

February 18, 2016

The organisers of The AIA Great European Carnival are looking forward to celebrating the close of their 2015/16 Carnival season and are expecting their One Millionth visitor over the closing weekend. To date the 64 days Carnival has seen well over 900,000 visitors, despite January’s record breaking rainfall and an independent survey has acknowledged the Hong Kong public’s overwhelming support the event with 74% stating they would return for a second time and over 80% of people expressing their satisfaction.

“At the start of the Carnival we set out to achieve over a million visitors, and with the support of the public this weekend to celebrate our finale, we hope to able to achieve that. I am excited! We have lots of giveaways and many wonderful discounts for people to enjoy.  Our job is really about ensuring everyone has fun!” said CEO, Michael Denmark.

Charitable and community activities have also been an important part of the Carnival with over HK$1,000,000 in cash and in-kind being contributed to various charities and over 20,000 guests of charity partners being treated to a day at the Carnival. The greatest benefactors were The Cancer Fund and Operation Santa Claus, who each received cash donations of HK$250,000 at the opening of the Carnival.  Their opening preview saw over 16,000 people enjoying free rides throughout the day as a sample of the fun that was to come.

“We opened the carnival with generosity, and we will close the Carnival with generosity. Free entry, discounted rides and plenty of toys to give away!” added Denmark.

In addition, educational programs tailored for both local and international schools have witnessed the participation of over 2,000 students from 20 schools ranging from third-tier local schools to Private and International Schools.

“The AIA Great European Carnival is and will always be for all people in the Hong Kong Community.  We aim to make it as accessible to everyone regardless if you are young, old, ageing, disadvantaged or poor.  Through our charity programs we had a mentality of never saying ‘no’ and making sure everyone had their chance to visit,” added Denmark.

For schools and teachers looking to provide students with hands-on Physics and Math, Business Studies activities, the Educational Tours of the Carnival provided a wonderful insight into the functions and mechanisms from both a rides and business perspective. Each tour could be customized towards specific areas of studies with different worksheets tailored to suit the ages and abilities of the students involved.  High school physics class could be given a tour of all the major rides by the Carnival’s Chief Engineer who could explain in-depth the mechanics and dynamics involved in both thrilling customers and keeping them safe.

“We are proud to have upped our game this year and the public has responded positively. We aim to be an event that is embraced by all people in Hong Kong and for visitors alike.  We thank you for your support and we look forward to coming back next year with something better yet again.” said Mr Denmark.

The 1 millionth visitor is set for a huge surprised, with the organisers geared up to shower that lucky visitor with a celebration which will include unlimited free rides, $1,000 worth of tokens, a 60 inch Television from LETV and a pair of Seiko Watches.