Message from the Organisers

Message From the Organisers

6th February 2020
Operating hours for the AIA Carnival on weekdays Monday to Friday have been adjusted to 1pm to 8pm. This is to allow for increased cleaning and sanitization throughout the site as a further enhancement to health precautions which were enhanced recently.
Weekend operating hours will remain at 11am to 11pm up until our final day on February 16.
We encourage our visitors to maintain their own personal hygiene and precautions as advised by health authorities. If you have any cold or influenza symptoms or had travels to virus affected parts of China over the past month, we encourage you to stay at home.
If you have any cold or influenza symptoms or have travelled to virus affected parts of Mainland China over the past month, you are advised to consult your doctor and follow the suggested self-isolation period of 14 days.


The Great European Carnival Limited





我們鼓勵訪客按照衛生署當局的建議,保持自己的個人衛生和做足預防措施。 如果您在過去一個月中有任何感冒或流感症狀,又或曾到訪過受病毒感染的中國內地部分地區,我們會建議您諮詢醫生專業意見,並留在家中至少14天。



Message From the Organisers

26th January 2020

[The Carnival opens from 11am-11pm until 16th February 2020]

Since mid-December the AIA Carnival has offered the people of Hong Kong the choice to enjoy a day out.   The AIA Carnival are outdoor sites and as such offer the highest level of ventilation, which is a deterrent to the transfer of the virus.  After a detailed assessment of the known facts in relation to the most recent Coronavirus, we have made the decision to continue our operation.  


In order to ensure the confidence of our customers we have also:

1.Increased the cleaning regime onsite.  All surfaces – seats, safety restraints, rides, game equipment and table tops – are cleaned multiple times daily;

2.Upgraded our cleaning materials from detergents to bleach-level disinfectants;

3. Continue to keep our bathrooms fully supplied with soap and water.

The management of the AIA Carnival will continue to review all available medical information on the Coronavirus from credible sources such as the Health Authority and the Center for Health Protection, and align our closing protocols with reputable Hong Kong venues such as major transport services including the airport, bus services and the MTR, along with shopping malls and other non-Government tourist venues.

The enjoyment and safety of our customers and staff remain our highest priority.  Our aim, amid these difficult times, is to offer a little joy that might become the basis for a lifetime of memories.


The Great European Carnival Limited







1. 加強場地清潔安排: 所有外露設施如座位、安全裝置、機動及攤位遊戲設施、桌面 – 每天均會清潔數次。

2. 以消毒劑代替普通清潔劑。

3. 確保場內所有洗手間有充足肥皂液及用水。

友邦嘉年華之管理層會繼續審閲來自政府部門如醫院管理局及衛生防護中心發放的可靠消息,並緊貼有關新型冠狀病毒的最新消息。與此同時,如香港各大型基建及場所對關閉有所安排;如機場、巴士、地鐵、商場 ,餐廳及其他非政府的旅遊場地,嘉年華亦將響應有關協定。





Message From the Organisers

3rd December 2019


We have always endeavoured to make the AIA Carnival a safe and fun place. While this has been a challenging year for Hong Kong, we remain committed to bringing the event back to the Central Harbourfront from the 12th December. Our humble intention is to provide an environment for families and friends to take a break from everyday life, and come together to enjoy a great time.

The safety of our visitors has always been our top priority. This year we will be implementing additional safety measures based on recommendations from professional security experts to create a safe and fun family environment.

In the event the opening of the AIA Carnival & The Great Circus of Europe is delayed due to unforeseeable circumstances, any purchased tickets will be carried forward to the new opening date. Suitable arrangements will also be made to honour any purchases made by people effected by early closures or cancellations during the carnival season. You can read the full details of our refund policy on our website (https://tgec.asia/terms-conditions/ ).

From our very beginnings in 2014, we have always wanted the Carnival to be an event that Hong Kong people from all walks of life can experience and enjoy. Over the years our community and charity program has hosted over 80,000 charity guests and our education program has allowed over 15,000 students from over 55 schools to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) at the Carnival. Without the support of our sponsors and partners, the Carnival wouldn’t be possible.  We collaborate closely with over 100 local business partners, and each year employ over 3,000 local staff, who are all valuable contributors to providing over 67 days of joy.

Given the challenges faced by all this year, more than ever we have designed this year’s event for children and families. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Carnival very soon.


The Great European Carnival Limited








我們現正努力地籌備開幕工作,但若遇上突發情況而導致友邦嘉年華和歐陸雜技團延誤開幕,已出售的門票將可適用於稍後的開放日子。若嘉年華的開放時間有任何變動,我們會為已購票人士作出適當安排。如想了解更多退款條款與細則的詳細資訊,請瀏覽嘉年華的網站<https://tgec.asia/zh-hant/terms-conditions/ >。



我們知道舉辦今年嘉年華並不簡單,但我們會致力再次為香港帶來一個適合一家大細,美好及難忘的嘉年華。 感謝您們一直以來的支持,我們亦期待著您們的來臨!