Thanks for visiting! We are closed but will be back with new acts soon.

Attention: To responsibly minimize person-to-person contact in enclosed areas, all shows of The Great Circus of Europe will be suspended until further notice. Full refunds for all affected tickets will be issued and the process may take up to 10 working days. For further enquiries, please contact us at 2524 6433 or email customer.service@tgec.asia

The Great Circus of Europe returns for its third year to unearth a new range of never seen before acts under their Big Top at the Carnival. This fantastic family show is guaranteed to become the talk of the town and will leave you gasping in disbelief as you witness awe-inspiring and death-defying acts mixed with a touch of comedy and laughter.

World-renowned producers Gandey’s Circus have searched world-wide to assemble this superstar cast of hidden talents and performers. A perfect night out for the entire family, this show is not to be missed. As a bonus, Circus tickets holders also get FREE entry into the AIA Carnival. Tickets sell out, so reserve your seats early.

Show Dates: Shows Currently Suspended

2 – 4 shows per day (low – peak)

Show Duration: 55 minutes

Acts includes:

Having traveled all the way to Hong Kong from jolly old England, Ring Master Ryan is no stranger to the circus. Be astonished as he leads his motley crew of circus superstars to deliver a show your eyes won't believe!

What's funnier than one clown? Two clowns of course! Be ready to laugh your head off watching our hilarious clowns entertain with their hysterical antics!

He leans to the left… he leans to the right… but he never falls! With perfect precision, watch as this balancing artist rises to great heights while maintaining his balance on the most difficult combination of objects. How high can he go?

Hailing from Chile, this one of a kind swinging trapeze artist is free as a bird and as elegant as a ballerina. Watch her spread her wings and soar from the very top of our big top tent.

This couple takes their relationship to a whole new level, literally. Watch as they dance and twirl in a romantic embrace. Hanging in the air merely by her hair, the mind-blowing act will definitely capture your attention.

Be stunned by this High Wire Act performed at the very top of our big top tent. Watch as they balance themselves perfectly on the thin wire. This act replaces Laser Girl in accordance to health and safety guidelines

Do you enjoy a good love story? Three hilarious yet lovey-dovey mascots will tell their love story to the world!

Famed for their remarkable beauty and fabulous talent, the legendary London Showgirls are masters of precision dancing. Watch them closely and you just might learn a move or two.

Prepare to be amazed as you watch 6 motorbikes going full speed in perfect sequence in a metal globe. This includes the worlds' 2 pioneer female riders who will thrill you with their feats of skill.

Ticket types:

VVIP (Purple Zone: Front ringside): 550.00 HKD
VIP (Green Zone: Ringside): 420.00 HKD
Premium (Yellow Zone): 265.00 HKD
Standard (Blue Zone): 200.00 HKD

The Great Circus of Europe does not include animals.