Sharpen your abilities at this year’s thrilling game stalls

Sharpen your abilities at this year’s thrilling game stalls, and push your limits to snag the plush toys. Discover the exhilarating offerings in store this year that will have you poised on your toes!

Basketball Frenzy
Sink a basket to claim a reward. The higher your score, the more substantial the reward.

Bell Topple
Utilize the supplied balls to dislodge the bells entirely from the table.

Giant Mouth
Topple the teeth in the giant mouth to snag adorable dolls. The more you dislodge, the more significant the reward!

Bowling Bonanza
Launch the balls to topple the pins and secure a victory.

Can Tumbler
Employ the Air Cannon to displace as many cans from the shelf as possible.

Can Takedown
Hurl sacks to clear all the cans from the shelf and claim your prize.

Fishing Frenzy
Operate the magnetic fishing rod to snag fishes. Tally the points to determine if you’ve secured a prize.

Dart Circles
Land the darts within the designated area, aiming for the highest score possible!

Double Barrels
Lob the balls into the barrels.

Leaping Frogs
Propel the frogs airborne, aiming to land them in the specified zones to snag prizes.

Globe Toss
Test your skills by aiming to land the balls in the tinted glasses.

Block Hooping
Launch hoops over the block and onto the ground to secure a prize.

Clown Topple
Bring down as many clowns as possible.

Lobster Trap
Your objective is to throw and ensure the balls remain within the Lobster Trap.

Distance Basketball
Sink a basket from a considerable distance to secure a reward.

Mini Block Hooping
Lob hoops over the block and onto the ground to triumph.

Ping Pong Cascade
Guide the balls into the numbered compartments and calculate your total scores to check your winning status.

Bounce Back
Deflect the ball off the board and into the container to triumph.

Bottle Cap Ring Toss
Toss and ensure the ring remains on the bottle cap to win.

Ball Roll
Guide the balls to the numbered cavities and tally your total points.

Stack Shooter
Fire the corks at the pyramid stack, ensuring it is cleared off the shelf!

Shuffleboard Challenge
Slide the puck down the table into the target sector to secure a prize!

Slingshot Challenge
Utilize the slingshot to displace the blocks from the table.

Football Challenge
It’s time for Hong Kong’s Messi to demonstrate their prowess. Kick the football into the apertures to secure a prize!

Milk Bottle Spill
Dislodge all the milk bottles from the table using the provided sacks.

Coloured Spots
Position the token within a coloured spot on the table to triumph.

Card Dart
Fling the darts onto the poker cards to snag prizes!

Wire Wiggle
Grip the loop and endeavor to navigate it along the winding wire without contact. An alarm will trigger if the wire is grazed!