Hong Kong’s Carnival Elevates Excitement with Debut of Drone Racing Experience

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**Hong Kong**, January 16, 2020 – As the gaming and technology spheres continue to collide in spectacular fashion, the AIA Carnival takes the lead in offering an exhilarating blend of fun and innovation this season. Partnering with the Drone Racing Association’s (DRA) Asia subsidiary, the carnival is pioneering the integration of eSports within its vibrant atmosphere, fostering a groundbreaking outdoor First Person View (FPV) drone racing experience.

“As an entertainment event producer, we are always on the look out for the most exciting and creative attractions to bring to the AIA Carnival. The popularity of eSports has gained global notoriety and we are excited to partner with Drone Racing Association to integrate an eSports element and introduce an outdoor drone racing experience to Carnival lovers for the first time. We believe the evolution of live entertainment experiences will continue to evolve and eSports will definitely play a big part of it!” – *Alex Gibbs, Chief Marketing Officer of The Great European Carnival*.

Positioned in a massive drone cage, the initiative, which has obtained the first flight permit for an outdoor commercial FPV drone racing activity from the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department, aims to immerse the public in the buzzing world of drone racing. Supported by Cyberport, this endeavour seeks to amplify the prominence of eSports in Hong Kong, captivating enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Tony Hall, Division Director of Drone Racing Association Asia, shares the enthusiasm, highlighting that drone racing is swiftly ascending in the eSports domain, alluring millions with its high-velocity and visually immersive CGI components. Hall notes, “It is also one of the few sports where participants as young as 8 have seen global success as professional competitors, reaching speeds of up to more than 120 miles per hour in competition.”

The Carnival is not just about fun; it serves as a valuable learning platform. In collaboration with TechBob Academy, the carnival is embedding drone racing into its STEM educational programme, extending this enriching opportunity to schools across Hong Kong.

In addition to drone racing, the DRA zone is a haven for tech aficionados, offering a spectrum of activities including FPV car games, VR gaming experiences on HTC Vive, and interactive sessions with the Ganker EX Battle Robot and the Win Win Group’s STEM robot, Zenbo.

Fans of traditional sports aren’t left behind; the Carnival hosts a plethora of sports activations encompassing baseball, rugby, football, and yoga, amalgamating the thrills of technology and sports seamlessly.

**Mark Your Calendars**

Gear up for the special DRA x AIA Carnival Hong Kong Outdoor FPV drone racing competition, slated to occur on January 18, February 1, and February 8, between 6:30 and 7:30 PM. Spearheaded by international drone racing pilot Leung Ka Kei, the event promises to be a battleground for identifying and promoting Hong Kong’s burgeoning amateur FPV drone racing talents. An exciting finale is scheduled for February 15, where winners will be crowned amidst grand celebrations at the Carnival.


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